2nd February 2014 Update

Hello all, it’s been a fair while since I put any info on this blog so double apologies – sorry it’s been so long, and sorry this blog might seem a little disjointed as I try to catch up on a few different topics.

Firstly, meetings this term start again this week with:

  • Nursery sub-committee Mon 3rd @ 16:00
  • Pupil Support sub-committee Mon 3rd @ 18:00.

Chris and Natalie have shared the agendas in advance, if you haven’t received a copy and want to join a meeting please let me know.

Secondly, we have a few membership changes that I will cover properly at our next Full GB meeting. Briefly though, Andy Featherby and Simon Kimberley have both resigned form the GB for understandable reasons around other (mainly work!) commitments. I’m sure you’ll join me in thanking Andy and Simon for their contributions to the school. I’m pleased to confirm that Stewart Ellam has joined us as a Parent Governor, and again I’m sure you’ll join me in welcoming Stewart into the GB. One thing I do need you all to think about now is the role of Chair on Resources sub-committee. This is a vacant position now, any volunteers?

Thirdly, I still hope to complete and confirm our Governor-Subject Leader link relationships at the next Full GB. Thank you for the responses and volunteers I’ve had to date. At the moment it looks like we still have four vacancies: Design Technology, History, ICT and Music. There is nothing to stop a Governor having multiple links to different Subject Leaders, but I’m still conscious we have some Governors without a link subject yet. Let me know if you want any further information on this initiative, and let me know before the next Full GB if you would like to volunteer for one of the current vacancies!

Fourthly, and in a random attempt to add some structure and flow to this blog, I wanted to share that I’ve been involved with Caroline this week with discussions around how we use Social Media, and how our parents are using Social Media. Without going into the detail (although I’m sure at some point we will as this continues) I am aware that some local schools have (or are in process of) appointing a Governor with Social Media responsibilities. Essentially this role could involve collecting data around how we (and our stakeholders) use social media, monitoring the policies we have around social media and importantly advising how best we encourage and support the use of social media for the school’s benefit. Any thoughts on whether this is worth further thought?

Fifthly, and building upon this ever strengthening structure and flow within the blog, a quick reminder for those of you that use Twitter. Sunday evening is still the evening that #UkGovChat sessions happen on Twitter. This weeks topics for discussion are:

  • 20:45 – 21:00 How can you effectively evaluate your school if Ofsted keep moving the goalposts?
  • 21:00 – 21:45 How is your GB monitoring the use of Pupil Premium?

The sessions are always worthwhile even if it is just to catch up on the discussion after the event, it would always be great to have more Governors participating and tweeting along though! Let me know if you want further info about #UkGovChat. To bring this ‘virtual’ collaboration of Governors a step closer to the ‘real’ world world I am currently in discussion with two other Governors (one from Kirkleess and one from Leeds) to organise a Northern #UkGovChat meet up so that we can put faces to names and have a real discussion face to face one evening soon – at a convenient location (hopefully a curry house!). I’ll let you know how this progresses.

Finally, and taking the Ofsted point further from above, I’m sure you are noticing news articles everyday now about Ofstern, or Mr Gove, or DfE….all interesting stuff. Two that caught my attention this weekend provie a steer to the new Ofsted focus, behaviour:

In a surprising twist the end of this blog links back to the beginning – ‘behaviour’ is on the agenda for tomorrows Pupil Support sub-committee.

That’s it for now. Catch up with you all soon.

David Smart, Chair of the Governing Body, Gildersome Primary School.

Child Protection Policy Review

As mentioned last night, we need to complete our annual review of the Child Protection Policy.

The draft policy can be accessed by clicking this link: GPS child protection policy draft oct 2013.

Please take time to review and collect any feedback you have. This draft policy is based upon the LCC policy. Please email any feedback directly to me by Friday 29th November (don’t try to email the document with tracked changes as the LCC firewall will not block sending).

David Smart, Chair of the Governing Body, Gildersome Primary School.

3rd November Update

Hello all, no meetings this week but a couple to remind you of the week after:
1) 18:00 on Monday 11th November – Full Governing Body.
2) 14:30 on Tuesday 12th November – Pay & Performance Group

You should have received an agenda from LCC for the FGB on 11th – if not let me know and I’ll send you an electronic copy.

The new website is taking shape, I have updated thew Governors pages, so the list of meeting dates is now correct at http://www.gildersomeprimary.org.uk/home/meeting-dates.

David Smart, Chair of the Governing Body, Gildersome Primary School.

19th October Update

Hello all.

More meetings/activities this week and next:

  • Mon 21st October 13:30 – LCC Catering Meeting (Caroline, David & Chris).
  • Mon 21st Oct 16:00 – Teaching & Learning Sub-committee.
  • Mon 21st Oct 18:00 – Resources Sub-committee.
  • Tues 22nd Oct – Govs from Pupil Support Sub-committee in school to discuss literacy support with parents at Parent Consultation evening.
  • Wed 23rd Oct – Govs from Pupil Support Sub-committee in school to discuss literacy support with parents at Parent Consultation evening.

For those of you in the Teaching & Learning Sub-committee you should have received an agenda, the Resources agenda is on its way!

See some of you next week!
David Smart, Chair of the Governing Body, Gildersome Primary School.